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The experienced Narre Warren Estate Lawyers at Galea & Faustin Solicitors appreciate that probate law can be an incredibly emotional time of grief for our clients. Our compassionate team will treat your matter with the utmost dignity ensuring the deceased's wishes are upheld.


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What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process that helps establish the validity of a Will. It is the first step in the execution of the Will, granting the executor the permission to distribute your assets as prescribed and directed in your Will. 

Our experienced team may also assist with letters of administration in the event the deceased has passed intestate (without a Will).


Making sure the procedure of Probate is carried out correctly is critical to the validity and execution of the Will. It can help avoid messy conflicts and challenges between the recipients.

However, such disputes do occur and tend to appear and exacerbate the process of mourning the passing of a loved one. We at Galea & Faustin Solicitors truly understand that the passing of a loved one is a time of emotional turmoil for the family, and when matters regarding the Wills and Probate of the deceased become imminent, it is important to have the law on your side to help make sure the proceedings are executed smoothly.

How much will this cost?

Should you decide that the experienced team at Galea & Faustin Solicitors are right for you we will tailor our costs to suit your individual circumstances. All clients by law will be provided with a cost disclosure statement that provides an estimate as to costs, in conjunction with having open lines of communication at all times to enquiries regarding costs.


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