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Power of attorney


Our experienced team of solicitors understand the importance and assurance that sound and proper estate planning can be provide. At Galea & Faustin Solicitors we use a combination of our expertise and your personal circumstances to tailor our approach to ensure that your individual and unique needs are considered and respected.


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Why should I bother obtaining a power of attorney?

Consider an unfortunate situation where you lost the capacity to make financial, medical or personal decisions. Would you have the necessary legal documents to ensure the preservation of your wishes?  

Our experienced team of solicitors can put the necessary measures in place to put you and your loved ones at ease if such a situation were to arise allowing you to live with peace of mind.  

There are two types of power of attorneys that will be briefly discussed below:

  • Enduring power of attorney

  • Medical power of attorney

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Enduring power of attorney

Medical Authority

An enduring power of attorney allows an agent (someone who you trust) to make decisions on your behalf in a situation where the principal (i.e you) does not have mental capacity to attend to their own affairs, such as when you are not able to understand or give legal consent to an action or arrangement.

For example, if you become mentally incapacitated or temporarily unconscious due to a brain injury, accident or illness. In Victoria, the financial power of attorney allows the appointed agent to make financial and legal decisions on the principal's behalf.


In Victoria the medical power of attorney permits the agent to make decisions concerning medical treatment of the principal, such as agreeing to or refusing surgery for that person.


In the authority you can also mention whether you would like a blood transfusion or whether you would like to be resuscitated

Plan for your future today by contacting one of our experienced Narre Warren estate law team who can provide you with the clarity needed to clearly explain all your legal options.


How much will this cost?

Our experienced team at Galea & Faustin solicitors are proud to provide the preparation of power of attorney documents on a fixed fee basis. We hold the view that this provides the greatest level of certainty to our clients. 


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