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For a lease to exist at law there must be exclusive possession and a term certain. A term certain means that the term of the lease is determined to either short fixed-term, long fixed-term or periodic. A short fixed-term lease is a period of up to five (5) years, a long fixed-term lease is for a period of time more than five (5) years and periodic lease can be month by month.

It is crucial in protecting your investment and it's viability to engage a suitably qualified legal practitioner in preparing your leasing requirements that protect your legal and commercial interests robustly.

Our firm can assist both tenants and landlords across a broad range of areas including:

Apartment Building

How we help landlords

How we help tenants

  • Preparation of commercial lease agreements that are tailored to your specific needs.

  • Advising on residential lease terms

  • Advising on lease disputes 

  • Termination of lease

  • Advising on residential lease terms

  • Advising on commercial lease terms

  • Negotiations with landlords

  • Assistance with issues pertaining to evictions

  • Assignment of leases in both a residential and commercial context 

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