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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery can be a stressful area of law, particularly for the creditor. It can involve countless letters of demand, multiple phone calls and long hours of work in order to track down the debtor. The enforcement of debt recovery varies depending on the amount due, the number of debts owed (in cases where there is more than one), and whether or not the debtor decides to file a defence.

When sending a letter of demand, it is important that it is sent by a firm with a good reputation, extensive experience in the field of debt recovery and a track record of success with similar cases.

Are you owed a small or a substantial amount of money? Get in touch with Galea & Faustin Solicitors to discuss the cheapest options to recoup monies owed to you. We endeavour to provide you with the most hassle-free options to recover debt. We are the premier debt recovery solicitors in Narre Warren and believe in upholding our strong values of integrity and passion. We strive to ensure you receive in full the monies due to you.

Our team of experienced and skilled debt recovery lawyers are at hand, ready to offer their services to you. We will treat your money like our own, not only ensuring affordable service but making sure you receive whatever is owed to you.

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