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Conveyancing services Melbourne

We all make decisions every day, but those involving property are usually the life-changing ones. To make sure your dreams become a reality, you need a team of experts who can help with the important decisions.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of a legal title of land to the new owner, whether it be from a person or entity. As you can imagine passing property to a new owner means a lot of work and a conveyancing transaction generally consists of three stages:

  • pre-contract
  • 2. pre-completion
  • 3. post-completion

Typically, a property conveyancer Melbourne will do everything necessary and ensure you are prepared for critical dates during the process. They are also in regular contact with the other party’s lawyers dealing with the issues. You can fill out all the forms yourself and save a few hundred dollars on fees. But this is not recommended, as it is no easy task. Also, if something goes wrong, you run the risk of losing the property and forfeiting your 10 per cent deposit. While, if you enlist the expertise of a conveyancer, should they make a mistake, you’ll be covered by their professional indemnity insurance. At Galea & Faustin Conveyancing Solicitors Melbourne, we can take care of the legal elements involved in property transactions and help you to realise your dreams. Whether you’re buying or selling, subdividing or transferring, we can guide you to success.

Our dedicated and experienced conveyancing lawyers Melbourne won’t bore you with legal jargon and terminology. We assist buyers and sellers with what can be a very stressful transaction. We take the stress away from you at a very affordable price. We keep you closely informed of each step of the transaction and we maintain highest security during settlement of your property.

How our services help you?

Galea & Faustin Conveyancing Solicitors Melbourne can assist you with all your property transactions. Our conveyancing lawyers Melbourne are licensed to work all throughout Victoria and are residential and commercial experts.

We can help you with:

Buying off the plan – we can examine your contract and provide advice when you are preparing to purchase undeveloped land

Selling off the plan – understand the legal requirements, risks and benefits of selling prior to development

Land Division – let us relieve thu thross by handling all the legal elements of subdivision

Land transfers – we can guide you through the land transfer process, mini, we c confusion and costs

Residential and Commercial – whether your property is a business or a family home, we can review your contract ofcitors identify grants, submit important documents and more.

Looking for a property conveyancer in Melbourne? Don’t worry. At Galea & Faustin Conveyancing Solicitors we are here to help! Please contact our conveyancing solicitors in Melbourne for a free consultation.