A Will is a legal testament that gives you the ability to express your financial wishes. This includes the distribution of your assets and non financial wishes such as funeral arrangements or whom will take guardianship of your children.

Once we die all of our assets and property form part of what is referred to as our estate.

Wills provide your family one less stress during a devastating time of mourning, however failure to possess a will may exacerbate this incredibly difficult time in accessing finances and executing your final wishes.

While dying without a Will does not necessary mean that your assets will be usurped by the Crown, it can become an extremely stressful and costly experience for your loved ones.

In the hands of the state, when you die intestate, the allocation of your assets may become lengthy and distressing for family and friends during a time of grief.

Why have a will?

  1. Having a Will gives you the comfort of knowing that the rewards of your life’s work will be distributed and managed according to your wishes.

  2. It is a way to ensure that your loved ones are financially looked after, after you have passed.

  3. We hold a moral duty towards our children, partners and loved ones to look after them when we are gone.

"I dont have any money, why would i need a Will?"

  1. This is a common saying among the working class community which translates as such “I do not have money so why should I make a will?”

  2. Our response to this recurring question is a rhetoric question back: “Do you hold items of value which you want someone specific to inherit ?” We all do!

  3. A Will allows you to not only devise items of monetary value,  a will also allows you to bequeath items of sentimental value to a family member, a friend, children of previous relationships or a charity.

Our experienced team at Galea & Faustin Solicitors can provide you with a confidential consultation to discuss in depth your wishes to accurately draft a Will, ensuring such wishes come to fruition upon your death.


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